Astral Pool ECA Series Sand Filter

AstralPool ECA Media Filter

Designed and 100% made in Australia, the ECA Sand Filter utilises the same high quality manufacturing process as Astral Pools largest filters to achieve sparkling clear pool and spa water.

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Astral ECA Media Filter


  • Injection Moulded High Strength Tank
  • High Strength Materials for Long LIfe
  • Suitable for In-Ground and Above Ground Pools
  • 10 Year Warranty on Tank


1. When unpacking the filter, be sure the unit is complete and no visible shipping damage has occurred.
2. Allow sufficient clearance around filter system for access and maintenance.
3. Provide adequate ventilation for pumping equipment, installed in conjunction with filter.
4. Provide solid mounting for filter and pump. If installed outdoors, install the system on a slab or solid concrete base
to avoid risk of settlement. Filter systems once located with sand and water can exceed a weight of 250 kg. If
installed indoors, ensure doorway allows sufficient clearance should filter tank require replacing.
5. Installation of filters and pumps should be located as close to the pool as possible to avoid excessive piping friction
6. If system is installed below pool level it is important to install isolating valves to prevent risk of flooding from back
up water, from the pool or spa.
7. The proper sand selection is critical to good filter performance. Ensure that the media is an approved form of
Quartz Silica sand, glass or Zeolite.
8. The installation of filters requires no special tools.
9. Confirm that plumbing lines from pool are correctly identified. This will ensure proper connection to markings on
filter valve (i.e. “Pump”, “Waste”, and “Return”).

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