Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips for Spring

When flowers start to bloom it’s a sign that spring has finally arrived. here are some swimming pool maintenance tips for spring from My Pool Guy for you guys.

Here are some friendly tips on pool maintenance this spring season:

Winter is over and I know you all want to jump in the pool. It’s time to make your pool ready for a long long, swimming season.

Winter Dirt

Begin with brushing down the sidewalls and steps. After brushing the pool make sure to run the filtration system for several hours. Back-washing the filter will also be a great idea. And better to repeat brushing-filter-backwash order.

Check the water level

It’s a good idea to check the water level because it might drop below the ideal level. You can add water up to the right level and check the chemical balance of your pool after that.

Test your pool

Check your pool water to make sure everything is correct. Add chemicals if needed.

Clean out leaves and other debris from the swimming pool

If it’s your first time cleaning the pool since before Winter, remove the leaves, debris and any standing water from the pool cover. And then if there are still leaves and other debris in the pool water, try to collect as much as possible.

Brush and vacuum the pool carefully to make sure dirt and debris are gone.

Check, Repair and Replace if needed

Check the entire system. If you can repair it, do so but it’s better to call a professional like My Pool Guy to check everything for you. We will check if it can be repaired or if it needs to be changed. We offer free installation for many products on our website.  We also offer equipment health checks for $121 (inc gst) for our customers. Please click the link to check the products that we offer. To check all products click HERE.

Shock the pool

Shock the pool to kill all bacteria and algae that are present in the water. Run the pool filter to also removed dead organisms after shocking the pool. It may also be better to backwash afterward. And before opening the pool check and adjust chlorine to proper order.

Continue to check pool chemistry regularly especially before summer. Because spring is what we call the transitional season, air and water temperature change essentially that may disturb pool chemistry. It is also better to check it on a regular basis so you can adjust the chemistry if needed.


And for all your pool needs call My Pool Guy for your pool guy!