Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Swimming Pool maintenance tips from My Pool Guy for all pool owners. Having a swimming pool can be sometimes an endless cleaning and maintenance thing to do. But it is also a never-ending fun that we can have from it.

Here at My Pool Guy, we suggest that you can hire professionals like My Pool Guy for your pool. So you guys can have fun and enjoy without worrying or thinking about cleaning your pool.

But if you want to be hands-on on cleaning or maintaining your pool here are some swimming pool maintenance tips you can try:

Have a pool water test kit

Having a pool water test kit allows you to check the water twice a week or if you can do it every day it is fine. Be sure to check pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness.

Buy a testing strip

How to use your pool water testing strip:
  • Dip the test kit into the pool.
    With a clean dry hands dip a strip into your pool water for about 5 seconds.
    Take it out and wait for 10 seconds, then compare the strip colors against the chart on the pack of the strip. make sure that your reading falls in the appropriate range. So as for you to know the right adjustment needed for your pool.


  • The pH level is between 7.2 – 7.6
  • Alkalinity 120 – 150 ppm
  • Calcium Hardness 200 – 250 ppm ( Concrete Pools ) 175 – 225 ppm ( Vinyl Pool )


Keep the following time frames in mind to ensure proper pool functions:
  • pH – should be tested twice a week 
  • Total alkalinity – once a week or at least once a month
  • Calcium Hardness – tested twice every season
  • Chlorine – tested twice a week
Brush your pool

You can brush your pool once a week. And better yet consider buying an automatic pool cleaner for the daily cleaning of your pool.


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