Testing your Pool

Testing your pool 2-3 times a week during the summer and once a week during the winter is important to maintain adequate water balance. This also to ensure that the swimmer will be comfortable as well. Test strips are a quick way to test the pool for adequate sanitizer levels as well as pH and total alkalinity. Proper testing also ensures that calcium levels are well maintained and that there are no metals present in the pool water. You or your pool professional team can do this for you.

Tips on Testing Your Pool Water

Evening is the optimal time to perform an assessment of swimming pool water. When using test strips, be careful not to drip any water into the test strip container. This will contaminate your test strips. Choose a part of the pool that does not have water flowing in from the pool’s filtration system. Submerge the strip elbow deep, then allow a half minute to elapse and check the coloration.


To achieve comfort, the pool water should be:

pH Balance

pH balance is the measure of acid in the pool water. The water of the pool should be tested and adjusted on a regular basis. Keeping the pH in check will allow you to use the full potential of the chlorine that is already in the pool.


To prevent the pH level becoming up and down the total alkalinity of the pool must be is well maintained. Like the pH balance, testing of total alkalinity should also be on a weekly basis.

Calcium Hardness

This is the amount of dissolved calcium in the pool water. If the water has a low calcium level it can cause plaster finish etching and may shorten the life of vinyl liners. And if the water has high calcium it can result in calcium deposits on the pool.

Sanitize with Chlorine / Bromine

Sanitizing your pool with chlorine or bromine can help you keep your pool from bacteria. This is to keep your pool clean and safe for the whole family.

Shocking your Pool

Shocking the pool on a regular basis is an important element in keeping the pool clear and clean.


Making your pool algae free is the key to an enjoyable pool. Consider using a quality algaecide to eliminate algae build up.


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