Ways to Lower Chlorine in Swimming Pools

Have you ever encountered too much chlorine in your swimming pool? Have you tested your pool water and it seems that you need to lower it? Here are some ways to lower chlorine in swimming pools.

Why lowering your chlorine in the swimming pool important?

It is very important to lower chlorine in your swimming pool to maintain proper pool balance. And we know for a fact that having high or low chlorine is not good for pools.

If the chlorine level is high:

Can damage pool surface and equipment
Bleaching of clothes
Irritation (eyes and skin)

If the chlorine level is too low:

Bacterial growth
Algae growth
Cloudy pool
Improper pool balance

Why is my chlorine level is too high?

  • Adding too much pool shock or too may chlorine tablets can result in a high level of chlorine.
  • The liquid chlorine pump has been on overnight.


How to lower the chlorine levels in your swimming pool?

  • Remove all chlorine sources.

It is very valuable to make sure that there isn’t more chlorine that is being added to the pool while lowering it.

  • Leave the pool uncovered during sunny weather.

The sun is the number one enemy of chlorine. It is very effective in reducing chlorine in your pool water.

  • Use a chlorine neutralizer.

A chlorine neutralizer is an effective quick way to fix your pool water problems.

  • Drain and add pool water

Draining some water and refilling it with new water can also help lessen your chlorine level.


Testing and levels

To determine the levels of free and combined chlorine in the water, the first test to determine the level of free chlorine, then test to determine the level of total chlorine. The difference between the two levels is the level of combined chlorine.

Always remember to check your pool water balance after doing these tips.

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