Ways to Reduce Water Loss in Your Pool

Water loss is a big issue for all pool owners. There are a lot of factors with water loss and here are some ways to reduce water loss in your pool.

Ways to reduce water loss

  • Keep the pool cool

Cooler water evaporates less. Lowering the pool thermostat is a simple, adequate way to slow evaporation. And because evaporation plays a huge role in water loss we want to keep our pool cooler. But of course, the temperature must keep us comfortable when we swim.

Warm water leads to faster evaporation than cool water, so always keep your pool cool.

  • Check and repair leaks

Even a small leak in pool equipment or the pool itself may lead to a huge amount of water loss. It can have a big effect on your water pool loss and it can cause you a huge amount of money to repair if not check the right way. If you noticed that the water level in your pool is dropping by more than 1/4 inch daily, you may be dealing with a leak.

In a few circumstances, leaks can be hard to determine. And if you are unsure what to do might as well call My Pool guy for your pool guy!

  • Turn off any water features

Fountains or any water features have an impressive effect on your pool’s look. It can add up to make your pool more appealing and inviting. But, did you know that they can have an impact as well on pool evaporation?

Don’t make it so easy for extra water to escape your pool. Turn off these features when you’re not using your pool. But of course, you can always turn them on if you have a guest and if your family is using your pool. You can always turn them on to make your pool time more fun and enjoyable.

  • Maintain your pool water properly

Maintaining your pool well can help prevent water loss. Failing to maintain water balance will lead to damage to your pool as well.

Keeping your pool water balance can also keep your pool water safer and cleaner. It can also help you avoid draining your pool.

  • Pool cover

Use a pool cover! There are a lot of ways to prevent water loss and having a pool cover is one. It is one of the most effective steps you can use to reduce evaporation. Research shows that covering a pool can reduce evaporation by 95%.

There are also other benefits that we can get in having a pool cover. Pool covers can also reduce your energy and chemical consumption by up to 50%. It can also cut down chemical evaporation and prevent debris from your pool.

Hope these simple ways can help you in minimizing your pool water loss. Have fun and enjoy in your pool.

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