What is a Solar Swimming Pool Heater

What is a solar swimming pool heater? Solar pool heaters use thermal energy from the sun to warm your pool water.

Solar Swimming Pool Heater

The most common type of solar pool heater is an array of polypropylene (PP). These veined mats that are are being connected between to feed pipes. The mats, also called collectors, are being laid out in direct sunlight to absorb its heat. And as water is being pumped through the mat’s veins, heat is then transferred from the PP to the water. The water then travels back to your pool to give that soft, warm feeling in your pool.

How do they work?

Solar pool heating systems include:
A solar collector

– this is the device through which pool water is being circulated and heated by the sun.

A filter

– removes debris before the water’s pumped through the collector.

A pump

– circulates water through the filter and collector and back to the pool

A flow control valve

– an automatic or manual device that diverts pool water through the solar collectors.

Selecting a solar pool heater

Before purchasing and installing a pool heater you should consider the following:
  • Determine the correct system size
  • Compare system cost
  • Check your site’s solar resource
  • Determine the system’s efficiency

The capability and design of a solar pool heater depend on how much of the sun’s energy reaches the site. And before purchasing and installing a pool heating system better check first your site.

Solar Pool Heater Sizing

Sizing a solar swimming pool heating system involves many factors:

  • Duration of the swimming season
  • Pool size
  • Average regional temperatures
  • Site solar resource
  • Collector efficiency
  • Collector orientation and tilt

How many solar collectors do you need to heat your pool?

It will actually depend on some factors:

What is the size of the swimming pool?


How much sunshine the collector will receive?


You can actually install as many solar collectors on your roof as can fit. And remember if your roof is being covered in shade for most of the days, the solar collectors might not meet your pool heating needs.
And as a general rule, the surface area of your solar collector should be 50 to 100 of the surface area of your pool.

If you plan on installing a solar heater, its a good idea to consult a solar installation company. And for all your pool needs call My Pool Guy for your pool guy!