Where to Put Chlorine Tablets In Your Pools

Who doesn’t love swimming, especially this summer season? Everyone loves to hit the pool during the summer season. But sometimes we often forgot about pool maintenance. And here are some tips on where to put chlorine tablets in your pools.

One of the simplest ways for pool maintenance is through the use of pool chlorine. It is the easiest way to keep the pool water safe and clean.

Here are some tips on where to put chlorine in your pool:

  • Pool Skimmer

The pool skimmer is one method of how you can add chlorine to your swimming pool. The pool skimmer is being intended to block out debris but it’s also great for dispensing chlorine. And as the water filters through, it will distribute the chlorine and keep your water at the right level. But make sure the filter is running during the dispersing of the chlorine.

The reason why we want to keep the filter running while chlorine dispensing is to avoid high acid in the water. High acid can cause damage to the lining area of your swimming pool.

  • Automatic Chlorinator

If you’re using chlorine tablets in your pool, the best way to do is with an automatic chlorinator. It’s an important kind of machine that provides accurate control over how much chlorine is being fed into your pool water. It also gives you control over how slow or fasts your chlorine tablets dissolve.

  • Floating Dispenser

Floating dispensers are easy to use. They are also inexpensive and comes in fun shapes and sizes.

Just make sure to check all the time as it has the tendency to get stuck in one place for a period of time. Because if it gets stuck in one place it can result in a higher concentration on that one spot. It can also cause damage to your pool at that location.


Don’t disperse chlorine tablets or granules straight away into the swimming pool. It is not safe for swimmers’ health. It can also result in the concentration of chlorine and it can damage the swimming pool.

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