Why Concrete Swimming Pools Pop on of the Ground

One of the problems for concrete pools is that they have the tendency to a pop-up on the ground. But why concrete swimming pools pop up on the ground? What are the causes and can we prevent it from happening?

A concrete pool that pops out off the ground is a rare event for a swimming pool but it happens. And even if its extremely rare we still don’t want this happening to our pool, right?

What are the causes of concrete swimming pools to pop-out off the ground?

  • Draining a pool

Draining a pool is not that difficult at all, it is just a bit stressful. You must be very careful about draining a pool. Better let a professional do this job for you and why not let My Pool Guy be your pool guy. And better make sure that draining is your last option in maintaining your pool.


  1. Don’t drain the pool during extended periods of heavy rains.
  2. Work as fast as you can.
  • Floods

As a simple reminder that, do not drain a pool if there have excessive rains in your areas. Long periods of rain have the tendency to raise the water table levels. And it can increase the possibility of pop-ups.

  • High water table

The water-table level of an area may vary seasonally because of droughts, seasonal rain or floods.

  • Leaks in pipes

If you have leaks in your pipes it can also cause the soil to become soggy. And if the soil becomes soggy it can cause the pool to float or pop-up.

  • Soil is expansive

when you say soil is expansive it means it is high in clay content. There is a risk of critical pressures that can push the swimming pool upward.

  • The pool is too old

Because the pool is maybe too old there may be some problems that were not taken care of as well. And it may not properly maintain as well that is why it can be a reason for it to pop-up.

    How to prevent swimming pool pop-ups?

    We always say prevention is better than cure and it is true. And with a swimming pool, there are some preventive measures that we can use before building a pool.

    You can ask your pool builder about:

    Pool builders today install a hydrostatic pressure relief valve when building a pool. When hydrostatic pressure builds up the water table rises too. And if it rises to a certain level, the valve will open and relieves the pressure.

    • Dewatering systems

    Most dewatering systems have some form of pump. This pump goes on when the water table levels reach a certain level and pump out the excess water.

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