Money-Saving Tips for Pool Owners

Having a fascinating swimming pool in your backyard is a huge asset that will give many years of happy memories with family and friends. It can also improve health and fitness. And even higher value on your home. Having these money-saving tips for pool owners while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And a stress-free lifestyle while enjoying your pool. These tips will help you cut back spending while having fun in the pool.

Over the years, My Pool Guy come across a lot of interesting money-saving tips for pools. These tips can help pool owners cut their spending on maintaining their pools. And we can be sure that you can get more fun from your investment in a cost-effective way as possible.

Money-Saving Swimming Pool Tips

1. Store your vacuum head correctly

Store the vacuum head upside down and out of the sun. Over the winter, be sure to keep it away from any chlorine. Doing these simple tips can double the life of your vacuum head.

2. Use a solar cover with your pool heater

Solar covers maintain the heat in the pool. They also keep debris and leaves out of the pool. And it also helps attract heat from the sun.

If you have a heater, you can put the heater up to the desired temperature and shut it off. And then keep a solar cover on at night, in this way it can make the heat of your pool heater last longer.

3. Keep your pool cover clean especially during the winter

Keeping your pool clean cover during winter can keep your pool clean and ready for spring. Make sure to also use a pool cover pump and get the water off on top of your cover.

4. Use a baking soda to raise alkalinity

Use a baking soda to increase your alkalinity, but make sure to not overuse it. Make sure to use baking soda the proper way to avoid cloudiness in the pool. Use a small amount if you need to bump up the alkalinity of your pool.

5. Run your pool pump less in mild climates

During summer run your pool pump 10-12 hours a day. You need to keep the water clean and moving so you won’t have any problems, like algae. Algae love warm water, this is why you need to keep your filter running.

6. Buy pool chemicals in bulk and early

Buying in bulk can save you a lot of money especially if they offer wholesale prices. And if they have a sale or a promotion better as well to buy in bulk and keep it properly. Keeping pool chemicals properly, like chlorine so you can save a lot of money.

7. Run your pool pump at night

Running the pool pump at night or during off-peak hours so you can save on your electricity bill.

8. Shock the swimming pool every week

Shocking the pool once a week can keep your pool always clean and safe. Even if testing your pool water regularly and shows that everything is fine, still make sure to shock your pool once a week.

9. Conserve pool water

Water is worth every penny to conserved. So make sure to prevent:

  • Splash

Splashing around may seem fun with family and friends around, but if you can prevent it, it is much better.

  • Evaporation

Limit pool water evaporation. Evaporation is the silent invisible water waster that disturbs every pool owner. To fight evaporation, make sure to cover the pool when not in use. A simple type of cover can help you lessen the evaporation of pool water.

  • Leaks

Making sure that there is no leak at all in all areas of your pool to prevent water loss.

While the water wasted may seem very small and not important, but when it adds up it will come up to a thousand gallons of wasted pool water. And as pool owners you don’t want that to happen, right?

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