Signs That Your Swimming Pool Has a Problem

A swimming pool is a big asset in every home. That is why we need to take good care of it. Here are some signs that your swimming pool has a problem:

Indications that your pool is in a bad situation.

A leaking pool

If you notice that you have to refill your pool water than usual, there may be a leak. A leak in the walls or inside the plumbing. Adding fresh water to your pool causes it to dilute the chemicals present in your pool. So when you add fresh water to your pool make sure you also add chemicals as well.

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Cracked walls

when the walls of your pool are beginning to show cracks, you have a problem that needs urgent attention. If cracks are not handled immediately, they can lead to much more costly leaks.

Block or lack of the main drain

The main drain of your pool might have a block or the pool might have been designed without one. A pool that lacks the main drain works at half the capacity it should be. And if the circulation and filtration are low it will be too hard to keep your pool clean.

Pool equipment is too small

Pool equipment like pumps and filters comes in different sizes and power. They are designed to meet the specific needs of your pool. If the pump or filter is too small there will be a poor circulation and your pool might not perform effectively.

Always have the right size of a pool pump or filter that will provide the needs of your pool size.

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