Things to Consider Before Building a Pool

You may want to have a pool for years now or wants to have a holiday every day and who doesn’t, right? And before plunging into a plan in having a pool here are some things to consider before building a pool.

Things to Consider


Do I/we need a pool?

Ask yourself and all family members on why you need a pool. What will be the major role of the pool for you and your family? Do you want to build a relaxing area? Or you want to spend like every day is a holiday at home. These are some questions that you might want to consider. And if all the answers to this question is a big YES, then go for a pool.

Determine your budget

Having a pool is one fabulous way to have fun and have quality time with the whole family. But we know for a fact as well that it will cost some money to spend. Plan it carefully so you won’t run out of budget in the middle of building it.

What type of pool do you want?

Now that the budget is fine, think of what kind of pool fits your budget. Would that be concrete, vinyl or a fiberglass pool? You may want to check as well their pros and cons before choosing which kind of pool to build in your home. Check some of these articles from My Pool Guy before making your final decision.

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What are the size and shape?

One of the considerations would be where to put the pool on your property. If you have a big space much better. But for those who have a smaller lot, you can also create a special design only for you.

Would it be an above or below the ground pool?

One question as well is, will it be an above or below the ground pool? Having an in-ground pool gives you that long-lasting feel than most above ground pool can give. Nonetheless, if you have elevated site it may be quick and simple to install an above ground pool.

What will I/we use it for?

Will this pool just an add up to the design of your home or all your family member love to swim. Either this will still give you both the advantage of having a pool. This can increase the value of your home if ever you decide to sell it in the future. And if you all love to swim, it will provide you an endless holiday for the whole family.

How I choose my contractor?

The best way to choose your contractor is to ask for referrals from your family or friends. Check how fast and reliable they are. You may want to know of course on how do they work because you don’t want to put your money on waste.


Having a pool means an endless holiday for the whole family, but maintaining a pool is another thing. Maintaining a pool is one of the considerations as well before thinking of having one. You may want to maintain it by yourself and that’s fine. Or I may suggest having My Pool Guy for your pool guy!
So we hope you take these things into consideration before building your pool. Have fun in your pool!
And for all your pool needs let My Pool Guy be your pool guy!